Principal's Message

 My Dear Students,

 Welcome to AGC, Our College has been accredited with ‘A’ grade by the NAAC. It is also a  recipient of ‘BEST COLLEGE AWARD’ by SPPU. Our institute also  received  Samajbhushan Babasaheb Ambedkar Puraskar by Maharashtra Govt. Besides, our  college belongs to a great tradition of revolutionaries like  Vasudeo Balwant Phadke,  Indapurkar Sir, and Bhave Sir, whose aim was to spread native education among the  Indian Youth and therefore, established  MES.

 The past is glorious, and we should be proud of it, however, the 21st century demands  that we should be able to imbibe and internalize new skills, both  soft as well as hard  skills. World has drastically changed with the forces of Industrialization, Urbanization,  Capitalism, Liberalization, and above all,  Globalization. The advances in the field of Science and Technology seem to prove that man has conquered the earth yet there are many natural disasters  taking place due to the way Man has been treating Mother Earth, leading to environmental imbalance and the resultant problems. Then has Man really  progressed? Are the forces of Globalization leading to Man’s well-being or are they destroying the cultural specificity of small Societies or small Nations?  Does Man practise ethics while worshipping science? If not, then science without ethics is a sin, and Man is being sinful.

The world is full of fierce competition and the repercussions of this are experienced in our country also. The question is do we become the part of this globalized competition or do we create our own world by dealing with our problems on our own terms by using indigenous strategies and by being our own agencies? We do not really need a messiah or saviour in the form of any other country. We are Indians and we will become our own messias.

For this, my dear children, certain conscious initiatives are needed: we will have to focus on our studies, be skilled in the true sense of the term, understand our own interests, aptitudes better, and take a leap towards our dreams. I would say, let us be ‘crazy’ at times, but our passion for whatever we wish to do will certainly take us to excellence, which later on can become our habit. Then prosperity and happiness will no longer be a dream. We will have to re-visit, re-think and re-view our past, that is our history and ideology in the context of the globalized world and bring in the new order by doing away with our evils and going beyond the world, based on caste, creed, religion, colour, and gender. We will have to fight the forces which deter us from being a good human being and a good citizen.

So, my dear children, learn to cherish your dream with conviction, consistency, and commitment as A P J Abdul Kalam said. Children, learn to love what you do, ask questions by lateral thinking, be proud of our Indian tradition and at the same time, change the tradition positively to suit the global needs. So,understand dear children, the college belongs to you and you belong to the college which gives you an identity. Love your college, participate in all constructive activities, and develop your personality, enjoy your lives and try to make a difference by thinking anew. God Bless you.

Dr. Muktaja Mathkari,