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The Department of Philosophy was established in the College in 1957. At present, the subjects Logic and Philosophy are optional for the students and are taught at 'General' level up to the first degree i.e. B.A. (2+3).

Dr. Mangala Athalye is the only teacher at the Senior College level in the Department. The educational programme in the department, such as lectures, seminars, examinations etc. is carried out as per the syllabus and time schedule set up by the University and the college.

There in no formal programme of orientation for the fresh students admitted to the department. As the subjects are totally new and are of an abstract nature of few introductory lectures and delivered in the beginning of the year. These lectures contain the historical background of the subject, the perspective and relevance of the subject to the present day situation. The following course are taught in the college.

  1. Logic and Methodology of Science
  2. Applied Ethics
  3. Philosophy of Religion and Aesthetics
  4. Introduction to Philosophy etc.

The following activities are undertaken for academic development of the students:

  1. The students are specifically asked to point out portions / topics of studies not fully grasped or understood and these are discussed again with a view to prepare the students fully for the university examination.
  2. The students are encouraged to write tutorials on such topics and also on other topics. This is an ongoing activity throughout the year.
  3. The students are explained how to use the Encyclopedia of philosophy and other references to increase their understanding of philosophical problems. The methods of logic as the basis of all other sciences, are explained to the students of logic.
  4. They are also put through a number of exercises to strengthen their ability to think logically.
  5. The importance of logic and philosophy, as the basis of all human knowledge is emphasized through a method of discussion in the classroom. In these discussions the ' Known to unknown' method is adopted. A known concept / theory is taken for discussion and then a parallel related and unknown concept / theory ( generally western) is explained, similarly, everyday events are taken up to show their relation with philosophical issues. The objective of the above teaching is to make the student think in a consistent way about any problem and act accordingly. The above activity takes up about 5 hours every day.

To supplement the above activity, guest lectures by outside experts are arranged under the auspices of Patanjali Mandal, During the last three years, the following lectures were arranged under the auspices of patanjali Mandal.



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