Quality Policy & Objectives

Quality Policy of the IQAC

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of the college is primarily focused in internal quality. The University Grants Commission (UGC) and the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) have laid the onus of quality enhancement of colleges on the IQAC. The primary objective, thus, of the IQAC is look into rather than at the college processes with a perspective of providing quality to all stakeholders.


Understanding the significance of Internal Quality Assurance Systems (IQAS), the IQAC has attempted over the years to systemize processes through which quality enhancement can be achieved. The IQAC has also perceived that quality enhancement initiatives need to be decentralized, rather than nodal, with several activity heads being appointed and each deploying their activities as a separate team.


The college IQAC quality policy for all stakeholders is ‘inclusion through involvement’. This policy ensures that all stakeholders, mainly the staff and students involve themselves in all activities of the college during their tenure.


To align with the college vision and mission, the IQAC set the following objectives:

  1. To define quality parameters for the college.
  2. To monitor the quality aspects of the institution.
  3. To intervene and guide the departments wherever necessary for quality enhancement.
  4. To create, operate and monitor a decentralized system for all activities.


The IQAC has, from time to time, adopted the quality parameters set by statutory agencies such as the UGC, NAAC, State Government and the University and used them to assess and assure that quality is maintained.


Members of the IQAC have been strategically selected so that representation at college statutory bodies such as the College Management Committee (CMC), the Local Managing Committee (LMC) and representation for the Arts and Science Faculties, top office and administrative authorities is ensured. As a result, planning and decision making has become easier and smoother and implementation is efficient.


We consider the teacher as a hub for all college activities, academic and otherwise, and hence assuring teachers’ progression helps in assuring quality. For the co-, extra-curricular activities and extension activities teachers are assigned managerial roles. Committees are formed for this purpose. It is relevant to note that these committees are carefully constituted to ensure that though leadership is rotated, key experienced members remain the same assuring high performance levels. Such decentralization has helped in participation of teachers in quality sustenance. This experience over the years has helped evolve a fairly stable and efficient system, which today requires little monitoring and has been internalized.



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