Study of Botany is highly allied to our day to day life and natural processes. This enables the students to understand the principles of Environment, Life sciences, Agriculture, Earth sciences and Health Sciences. This forms the basis or foundation to the students for further higher studies to join postgraduate courses in practically all branches of life sciences. Besides, making eligible to join courses such as MBA, MBA (Biotechnology), etc

The department primarily runs the undergraduate courses in Botany. Besides, it is also involved with teaching at F.Y.J.C. (XI) and S.Y.J.C. (XII) science classes (Junior College).

The Department maintains Small Botanical Garden in the College Premises where fresh plant specimens required for practicals are cultivated besides the plantation of peculiar plants like Orchids, Pinus, mangroves, aquatic plants, Ornamental Plants, etc.

Botany Department is located on the second floor of the main building. The teaching staff of the department is highly qualified having varied interests in research and are dedicated to their subject giving conducive environment for all the students. The atmosphere of the department is always student-centric and healthy. The department is dedicated to educate the students through various curricular, co - curricular and extracurricular activities.

The department aims to identify the potential of each and every student and develop his/her skills, accordingly create mutually beneficial partnerships between industry and education and to develop the technical and critical thinking skills necessary for success in the field.

The student community at the department is friendly, enthusiastic and from diverse socio-economic backgrounds. Several student activities are arranged through the year, to inculcate the extracurricular abilities in the students.