Department of Chemistry (DST-FIST Sponsored)


The Department of Chemistry is one of the oldest departments in the college, with a high reputation for academic excellence in the University of Pune. With a strong and dedicated faculty, the department conducts two undergraduate programs and two postgraduate programs. The department has seventeen teaching staff members, making the department the largest in the college.

The teaching faculty of the department is a strong mix of experience and youth, which make the teaching programs dynamic and contemporary. Ten faculty members are PhD’s and six are pursuing their PhD’s.

The department has a recognized research centre for Ph.D. and presently four research students and two faculty members are working for Ph.D.

Student capacity

Class Intake
XI 1000
XII 1000
F.Y. B.Sc 480 + 30 (Industrial Chemistry)
S.Y. B.Sc 240 + 30 (Industrial Chemistry)
T.Y. B.Sc 120 + 30 (Industrial Chemistry)
M.Sc -I Organic 24
M.Sc. - I Analytical 24
M.Sc II Organic 24
M.Sc - II Analytical 24

students Association

Association of chemistry students was established in 1998, by Dr. M.V. Paradkar, the then HOD.

The aims and objectives of this association are to create a platform for the students where they can interact with eminent scholars and professionals from various research and academic organizations as well as from the industries, to exchange and share their knowledge, views and ideas with our young minds. Thus we try to bridge the gap between the "learners" and the "learned".

Some of the regular activities of the ACS are

  1. 1. Dr. M.J.Pujari Lecture Competition
  2. 2. Late Sachin Bauskar Memorial Lecture
  3. 3. Quiz Contest

Thus, Association of Chemistry Students is a platform wherein the student gets an opportunity to showcase their talent and hone their leadership quality since all the above activities are planned, organized and executed by the students. Thus we make a conscious effort to develop an overall personality of the students.