Department of Microbiology


The Department of Microbiology in the Abasaheb Garware College is home to a community of dedicated teachers and teacher-scientists, providing an environment conducive for any student. Innovative teaching methods and thrust-area research in the life sciences is the forte here. The diverse interests of the faculty build up a strong force to provide the student with a lot of experience in microbiological techniques ranging from bacteriology to gene sequencing.

The department is dedicated to education through two undergraduate principle subjects (Microbiology and Industrial Microbiology), thus providing opportunities for students to further join postgraduate courses in practically all branches of life sciences.

Exceptional research at the undergraduate level is a unique feature of the department, wherein several students have published research papers in reputed National and International Journals.

The Department also conducts two postgraduate programs (Microbiology and Biodiversity), which are most sought after by students graduating from colleges in the city.

The Department conducts the entrance examination for the postgraduate course at the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Bremen, Germany. In the past few years, about 20 undergraduate students of the Department have joined the course at Bremen, and whose work has been appreciated by the University at Bremen.

The student community at the department is friendly, enthusiastic and from diverse socio-economic backgrounds. Several student activities are arranged through the year, to inculcate the extracurricular abilities of the student.

Undergraduate Studies

The Department of Microbiology offers undergraduate students a choice of two principle subjects:

  • Microbiology
  • Industrial Microbiology
  • If you think that you would enjoy learning more about molecular biology, gene cloning, immunology, emerging diseases, biochemistry and the various applications of microbiology in industry, you will discover that studying with either of these principle subjects will be a stimulating experience.

    The undergraduate program in Industrial Microbiology offers a little more adventure, with the student having more participative effort in the teaching-learning process.

    Both undergraduate programs can help the student to join postgraduate programs in Life Sciences (Microbiology, Zoology, Health Science, Environmental Science, Biochemistry, and Biotechnology) besides being eligible to appear for and join courses such as MBA and MCA.

    Postgraduate Studies

    The Department of Microbiology offers postgraduate programs in Microbiology and Biodiversity.

    Students with an undergraduate degree in Microbiology are eligible to apply for the postgraduate course in Microbiology. The major goal of the program is to provide both a challenging academic environment and increase the proficiency of the student to enter a career in industry and research. Training at the department is rigorous and multifarious, thus preparing the student for any career environment.

    The postgraduate course in Biodiversity is a one-of-its-kind in the country, and students with any undergraduate degree can apply for this course. The thrust study area in this course is the exploitation of the earth's biodiversity to isolate and study active biomolecules. The course is unique in its teaching methods, and includes a lot of field work, complemented with research projects.

    Approximately eighty percent of our past graduates have gone on for doctoral studies at major institutions in India and abroad, especially the USA. Of the remainder, some have taken up jobs in industries in and around Pune and teaching positions at colleges. A few of our past students are successful entrepreneurs in diverse biotechnological areas.