Department of Logic and Philosophy


The Department of Philosophy was established in 1957. Presently, the subjects Logic and Philosophy are optional for the students and are taught at ' General' level up to the first degree i.e. B.A. The number of students opting for this subject is approximately 100 each year.

Dr. Mangala Athalye is the only permanent teacher at the Senior College level in the Department.

The focus of training of the students is based on the use the Encyclopedia of Philosophy and other references to increase their understanding of philosophical problems. The methods of logic as the basis of all other sciences, are explained to the students of logic. The students are also put through a number of exercises to strengthen their ability to think logically.

To supplement the above activity, guest lectures by outside experts are arranged under the auspices of' Patanjali Mandal, where guest lectures are arranged on topics ranging from Buddhism through Relevance of Indian Philosophy to Applied Ethics. Incertain cases, students are also taken for lectures to other colleges and to the Department Philosophy, University of Pune.

Students showing academic potential are encouraged to write papers and present them in suitable competitions / seminars. The students have been consistent in winning prizes in such competitions.