Abasaheb Garware College commits itself to becoming an institution of educational excellence, imparting higher education for development of character and personality in its students.


  • Dedicated teaching, enhanced by creative research and extracurricular activities.
  • Aligning educational programs to modern and global needs.
  • Remaining self-reliant and be self-renewing.
  • Instilling moral, cultural and social dimensions to life.

  • Objectives

    "Higher Education Institutions have to perform multiple roles, like creating new knowledge, acquiring new capabilities and producing an intelligent human resource pool, through challenging teaching, research and extension activities so as to balance both the need and demand."

    (Ref. Higher Education in India: Issues, Concerns &New Directions, UGC publication 2003.)

    • To equip students with the necessary skills to compete in a technologically advanced global scenario.
    • To provide an academic environment that reinforces appropriate social and cultural values.
    • To provide research facilities which would promote the exploration in core areas related to traditional and contemporary fields of study.
    • To provide value addition through co-curricular and extra - curricular activities,
    • To enhance personality development for national and global competency.
    • To make education accessible to all sections of society.
    • To sensitize students to environmental issues.

    The college reflects national aspirations in its mission by orienting all its academic and administrative programs and policies towards the fulfilment of vision and mission statement.

    • New academic Programs are introduced to cater to the need of industry and provide access to the students in frontline areas.
    • Value-added vocational courses have been introduced to impart the practical skills.
    • Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are planned to improve overall personality of the students and their participation is encouraged.
    • Empowerment of women is considered as a priority area and efforts are made to put it in reality in all academic and other activities.
    • Academic ambience and infrastructural facilities are augmented from time to time, to enhance teaching- learning and research culture.
    • Human resource development activities have been put in action through training and extension. Programs to inculcate values and sense of social responsibilities are planned and executed through interaction with community.