Facilities in the Hostel

Every student is provided with a cot, a table with a cupboard, a chair and a rack.Every room is fitted with a ceiling fan and a tube-light.

  • Water purifiers and coolers are provided in each hostel building.
  • Two separate dining halls and kitchen for Ladies and Gents.
  • Hot water from Solar Water Heaters provided in each hostel.Two separate Recreation Halls-for Ladies Gents.
  • Common roomsare provided with the facilities for playing games such as table tennis,carrom and chess.
  • Facilities for outdoor games such as basketball, volleyball, football are available for students.Two T.V. sets, one each for boys & girls.
  • One Visitors Lounge.
  • Guest room for Parents: Three rooms capacity 8 persons.


    The Hostel mess will be managed by a contractor. Special Rules regarding the working of the mess have been made and will be displayed on the mess Notice Board. Resident students are expected to observe this rule scrupulously. The monthly mess bill will be inclusive of morning tea, breakfast, lunch, dinner and evening tea. Only Vegetarian food will be served in the mess.

    Medical Facility

    Dr. Mrs. Leena Bawadekar is serving as honorary medical officer for hostel students and staff. She visits hostel once a week. On the remaining days of week, students can visit her clinic for medical check up and guidance.

    All the students are insured for health and accident insurance. Students can get the benefit of insurance, in case of need.