About R’search@agc

R’search is a inhouse publication of Abasaheb Garware College. The teachers of the College carry out research activities and publish their research outcomes in national and international conferences and journals. Due to which college has received ‘A’ Grade from NAAC in 2010 accreditation and Best College Award from University of Pune in 2011. As per the proposal of IQAC and Research Committee college decided to compile research activities of the teachers since last year for the internal circulation of Abasaheb Garware College members only. Every year a copy of R’search is pulished thereby creating a platform for awareness and sharing ideas. Copy for the tear 2013-14 is already out.

Research Facilities

  • 1. UV-VIS spectrophotometer
  • 2. FT-Infrared spectrophotometer
  • 3. Gas Chromatography
  • 4. High Pressure Liquid Chromatography
  • 5. PCR
  • 6. DNA sequencer
  • 7. Fermentor
  • 8. Environmental Shaker
  • 9. Cold storage facility for microbial cultures
  • 10.Thermogravimetric Analyser
  • 11.Magnetic Susceptibility Instrument
  • 12.Rotavapour
  • 13. Laminar Air Flow
  • 14.Plant Tissue Culture Facility
  • 15.GPS
  • 16. Gas sensing unit
  • 17. Dual mode automated spray pyrolysis unit

Recognized Research Centers

  • 1. Department of Chemistry
  • 2. Department of Microbiology
  • 3. Department of Biodiversity (Environmental Science)
  • 4. Department of Physics
  • 5. Department of Economics
  • 6. Department of Hindi